Perry-Castañeda Library Navigation Kiosk Design


The Perry Castañeda Library (PCL), the central library on the University of Texas at Austin campus, features a complex geometric architecture. The building is a 10-sided polygon shape, 6 stories tall, and often thought to be built in the shape of Texas! This odd-shaped layout often leads library patrons in circles when attempting to navigate the building.

Public facing staff in the PCL experience a large number of patron questions about navigating the space to find physical resources, classrooms and group study rooms.


The interactive map kiosk project seeks to improve the user experience of navigating in the PCL, make map updates easier to implement, and reduce navigation-based questions for our public facing staff.

The kiosks accomplish these goals through providing quick access to an updated floor map, call numbers to book locations, study room availability, classes and events with highlighted relevant location, and a high-level building overview.

My Role

In this project, I worked on a cross-functional team comprised of staff members from the following UT Libraries departments: Technology Innovation and Strategy, Public Services, Building Facilities and Maintenance.

My role within Online Experience was primarily assessing client needs, researching interactive wayfinding in complex spaces, map and prototype design, performing user testing, and creating a style guide to hand off to a developer.


I discussed the process that I used in this project in a talk I gave at the Designing for Digital conference in Austin TX in March 2018. View this presentation to see my process and the design work and user testing involved.


For this project, the I worked with a developer to create a design for our lobby kiosk and the 6 kiosks placed near our elevators and stairwell areas on each floor.

Kiosk Screens - Lobby

The kiosk starts with a home screen with options for users to touch to discover the floor map, events & classes, and staff offices. The actual kiosk in the PCL lobby features a transitioning slideshow with glowing "Tap to Find" text to highlight interactivity.

Floor map: Shows the user the entry level floor map and allows the users to switch floors to view other floor maps.

Events: Displays all events and classes happening that day. Users can tap on events and classes to highlight the room location.

Building Overview: Provides an overview of PCL building spaces divided by category.

View kiosk lobby prototype.

Updated Entry Level Map

Kiosk Screens - Elevator

The kiosk starts with an interactive tutorial video that guides the user thru the features of the kiosk and welcomes them to touch anywhere to start. The kiosks placed in the elevator areas address common user questions in navigating the PCL upstairs: finding spaces, locating books, and seeing availability and location of group study rooms.

Tutorial: Animated video that demonstrates the kiosk features and invites the user to touch to interact with it.

Floor Maps: Shows the user the map of the floor they are on and allows the user to switch floors to view other floor maps.

Call Numbers to Book Locations: A redesigned infographic displaying book call number ranges to stack & floor locations.

Study Rooms Availability: Shows the user the map of the floor they are on with study room availability highlighted.

View kiosk elevator prototype.

Installed Kiosk

installed kiosk