• February 2015 - May 2015
  • Information Architecture, Website Design, User Research
  • Team: Kristin Sullivan, Julieanne King, Zhen Wang, Yang Zhang
  • Website Prototype


TechScene is an event website that provides event listings specific to technology and the tech industry in Austin, Texas. This project was completed for a class in Information Architecture at the UT School of Information.


Our goal with TechScene was to narrow the focus of current event sites to an online central location for tech enthusiasts to learn about upcoming events, register to attend, and connect with various facets of the tech community.

My Role

I worked collaboratively on a four-person team to select the concept, perform user research and design the information architecture of the site.

I personally played a critical role in the development of project strategy, design and implementation of user testing, and generating recommendations for design from user feedback. I also was a major player in the creation of the site controlled vocabulary and the organization of the final site design document.


The team created a website prototype, a presentation documenting our overall process, and a site design report as the final deliverables for this project.

Website Prototype

Click here to view the interactive prototype of TechScene.

TechScene screen

Process Presentation

This presentation displays our overall process for creating TechScene through our initial research phase, ideation, iterative design and testing, and final delivery.

Final Report

The final site design report includes discussion of our project stages and the design artifacts generated throughout the project.