Presenting Information

  • January 2016 - May 2016
  • Information Layout, Visual Design, Infographic, Information Dashboard
  • Individual


In the Spring 2016 semester I took a course called Presenting Information at the UT School of Information, which focused on data, verbal, textual, and visual presentation.

My Role

I worked individually on this project, so I was responsible for all aspects of creating the final class deliverables.


For this course, I completed projects such as spreadsheet re-formatting, poster design, information dashboard creation, infographic design, and slide-deck design.

Information Dashboard

The information dashboard displays a summary view of UT Libraries study rooms usage for both the online landing page and actual room bookings. For my workflow and data analysis, please reference this project description.

UT Libraries web analytics

Infographic Design and Presentation

The infographic and presentation present a fictional case for why I would make an excellent new addition to the Austin Flyers Women’s Cycling Team. I provide the Austin Flyers with a view into my cycling career from April 2015 to April 2016 through my cycling stats, comparative progress, and contextual look of how cycling fits into my school life.

I also created a report for this project to explain the contents of the infographic to the Austin Flyers team.