Locally UT

  • October 2015 - May 2016
  • Mobile App, Design Thinking
  • Team: Kristin Sullivan, Yanwen Guo, Kristen Oglesbee, Ruoying Li, Danni Wang
  • Locally UT App Prototype


Farm to Work is a government employee wellness program in which users purchase a basket of pre-selected produce from local farms and pick up at their worksite on a weekly basis. The current process of signing up is through receiving an email reminder that prompts the user to purchase through the website each week. See the video about Farm to Work created by the Sustainable Food Center below.

Farm to Work, a project of Sustainable Food Center from Sustainable Food Center on Vimeo.


For this project, the team developed a mobile app prototype called Locally UT, which serves as a platform to purchase local food through the University of Texas at Austin’s Farm to Work program. Our goal with this project was to streamline the current Farm to Work purchasing process and improve the user experience through creating a mobile interface.

The app prototype includes features to set a reminder to purchase and pick up Farm to Work Baskets, view recipes related to items in the basket, and find local food on the University of Texas campus.

My Role

I worked on this project over the course of two semesters for the courses Design Thinking I and II. In the first semester of Design Thinking I, I worked on a team of four where we collaboratively performed the user research for this project.

As a user researcher on this team, I had the opportunity to perform in-field observations and contextual inquiry, conduct interviews, define insights about the user group, develop concepts with value, and create scenarios and storyboards.

In the second semester of Design Thinking II, I worked on a team of four with 2 of the same team mates and one new team member. In this phase of the project, I acted as both user researcher and designer in the creation of Locally UT.

I completed part of the competitive evaluation, developed user testing materials, and performed user testing on all prototype iterations. As a designer, I sketched out the initial prototype with my group, created a site task flow, designed the app tutorial, and made the final presentation slides.


For the Locally project, the team delivered four final deliverables including an app prototype designed for Android and a final product demo video.

We created two presentations documenting our project’s process: Engaging Students in Local Food @ UTexas highlights our initial user research and a presentation focused on the final design of Locally UT.

Locally UT Video Demo

This video demo highlights current painpoints that users experience with Farm to Work and how Locally UT addresses and solves these problems.

Mobile App Prototype

Click here to view the interactive prototype of Locally UT.

Locally screens

User Research Presentation

This presentation demonstrates the 4-D process model our team used to understand opportunities for designing around engaging students in local food on UT's campus.

Design Presentation

This presentation includes a brief overview of the final research, ideation, design and testing carried out for the Locally UT project.

What people said about using Locally UT