About me

I am a UX Researcher and Designer by trade.

See below for where I've been the past few years and what I like doing outside of work.

Where I've Been

University of Texas at Austin -
Information Architect

I currently do UX design and research for University of Texas at Austin in their library system. It's great!

University of Texas at Austin -
Master's Degree in Information Studies

I focused my coursework in this program on UX design and research. I completed projects in information architecture, interaction design, design thinking, usability, and data science.


Following college, I started my trek southward to Princeton, NJ and then to Philadelphia, PA.

Free Library of Philadelphia

Working with the Free Library, I was able to provide computer resources assistance in hotspot computer labs and sometimes the city's Techmobile.

Labyrinth Books

At Labyrinth Books, Princeton's bookstore, I had the opportunity to see some of my favorite authors speak such as Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Joyce Carol Oates, and Jeffrey Eugenides.


University of Vermont -
Bachelor of Arts

I received my BA at UVM in Burlington, VT in May 2012. My studies focused on social sciences, history, research methods, and peace and conflict resolution.

Yes, there was a Ben and Jerry's on campus!

Beyond Work

These are some of the things you can find me doing when I'm not at work.



I bike ride as a main form of transportation, but I also love doing it.



My favorite pose is savasana aka laying down pose.



Whether it's the Austin Greenbelt or out in Big Bend, walking in nature is always a good time.