I believe in following a user-centered design process throughout my work. These are some of the skills I bring to the table.

User Research

I generate insights by using various research methods to inform product + feature design. Methods: user testing, web analytics, survey, card sort, tree test, in-depth interviews, design workshops, heuristic evaluation, competitive evaluation

Data Analysis

I organize research findings and use both qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify patterns, themes and key statistics. Tools: affinity diagramming, coding, Excel, Tableau, SQL

Interaction Design (IxD)

I contribute to creating engaging interfaces that feature logical and well thought out behaviors. Deliverables: task flows, wireframes, UI prototypes

Presentation & storytelling

I synthesize research findings and tell stakeholders a compelling story using the research data to humanize the user experience.

Content Strategy

I have experience in planning, creating, delivering and contributing to the governance strategy of content for a major research institution's website.


I strive to maintain strong communication channels with people I work with, which include developers, product owners, stakeholders and everyday users.